Custom Furniture

  • Bed Canopy Inspiration Piece

    One of our clients saw a picture in a magazine of a special headboard and canopy.  They brought the picture to us and requested that we use the picture as the ‘inspiration’ piece to create one for them.

  • Bed Canopy Custom Piece

    We worked with the client to select just the right fabric for each piece in the ensemble.

  • Commercial Inspiration Piece

    We had a special request for a commercial space to create a u shaped seating area.  They provided this photo as the inspiration piece.

  • Commercial Custom Piece

    We were able to create a custom piece that exactly fit the area, contrasting beautifully with the other colors in the space.

  • Inspiration Piece

    Our client needed a special bench to fit a particular area. All they had was a picture of a much smaller bench for us to use as an “inspiration” piece. We had the frame custom built and then upholstered it in the same style as the bench in the picture.

  • Custom Piece

    We were then able to install the custom piece in our client’s home, creating the ultimate breakfast bench to exactly the right size.