Updating Upholstery to Match Current Decor

There is a timeless quality about classic furniture styles.  Often pieces will be handed down from generation to generation.  However, time can also be an enemy of fabric and wood finishes.  When fabric fades and tears it is often easy to consider throwing the piece of furniture away.   There is another way!

We specialize in bringing furniture back to life.  We will help you with all the details, from selecting the fabric to deciding how firm the seat cushions need to be!

You can come into our showroom and select fabric from one of the hundreds of fabric books we have on our bookshelves.  We will guide you through all the options for cording, trim and even hardware.  Once we have all though options selected, its then time to move on to the wooden aspects of the piece.

One of our specialists will then be able to touch up the wooden areas or totally refinish them.  We can change the color, change the finish, and repair any damage done to the original piece.

So, if you have any furniture that has been around a long, long time, come see us!  We will help you re-create history and match your decor at the same time!